NEPAL - Church planter to Nepal
We support one missionary to the country of Nepal.  Because of the restrictions on missionaries in Nepal we cannot publish his information.  Our missionary has planted three churches already and is about to start a fourth.  However, we do ask that you pray for all of the missionaries to Nepal as it is a country in political and spiritual turmoil.

Brother Jared Blair - Norway
(Picture to follow)

Brother Danny Terrado - Philippines
Brother Lee Watts - Kentucky State Government 
Brother Brad Gardner - Japan (Global Independant Baptist Missions) 
Brother Joe Adams - Kentucky State Government  

Brother Patrick Wolfe - Church Planter to the U.S. military in Germany

Bro. Wolfe is a missionary to the American Military in Germany serving with Baptist International Missions, Inc. and sent by Bethel Baptist Church of Walls, MS. Bro. Wolfe and his family are going to start an English-speaking Independent Baptist Church outside the gates of a European base is free from the government restrictions that hinder Chaplains and others trying to speak of Christ. 

Brother Larry Shaffer
- Church Planter in the Philippines

Bro. Shaffer has been a missionary in the Philippines now for several years.  Bro. Shaffer spent some time with us on his last furlough back to the US, he and his wife Divine helped us go door to door here in Rineyville when we were just getting started.  The Shaffer family has two young sons Timothy and Matthew.  Their sending church is Lighthouse Baptist Church in Akron, OH.   

Brother Bobby Flores - Church Planter in the Philippines

Bro. Flores is originally from the province of Pangasinan in the Philippines.  His sending church is Trinity Baptist Church, Camangan, Maningding, PI.

Brother Lance Hohenstreet - Missionary- Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Bro. Honhenstreet is a missionary with the Rock of Ages Prison Ministries.  He spends his time going into military corrections facilities throughout the country witnessing and giving the Gospel out to prisoners.